Maxi Players Esports esports platform guide tutorial
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Maxi Players Esports esports platform guide tutorial

A tutorial on how to get started with Maxi Players

From registering, through setting up your first events to withdrawing prize money – this short, easy, step by step guide covers all you need to know to begin your adventure with our rapidly growing esports platform.


Maxi Players is a platform that allows you to play your favorite games, develop an esports career, socialize with others and win real money. You create your user account, set up events of various type depending on your preferred game, platform and region. You can chat, form teams with friends or “Free agents”, and battle your way to the top earning prize money with every victory. MXP supports a growing list of games and modes, multiple platforms and region filtering so you can play games the way you want it – without worrying about lag. If you are under 18 years old, you need a written consent of your legal guardian to register an account and you cannot use the platform if you are under 14. Your age and credentials will be double-checked manually by admins to avoid cheating, ensure the safety of user information and prize money transfer.


Go to maxiplayers.com and open the registration form by clicking “Sign up”. There are two methods of creating an account.

Method 1. Type in your username, email address and password – the latter must include between 8 to 20 characters, no spaces, at least one capital letter and one number. In general, many internet security specialists recommend passwords of 16 characters or longer. Confirm your password in the box below, select your timezone – this will affect the times of events you see listed to fit your time and will set the clock on the website accordingly. Provide your date of birth. Depending on your age, you might be asked to upload the consent of your parent/legal guardian. Tick the consent box below and if you wish to receive latest subscriber news – tick the “Subscribe” box as well. Click register and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Check your email account and click the provided link. That’s it!

Method 2. Create your account through synchronization with another account that you already have on a different platform. Click on one of the four available buttons – Steam, Discord, Twitch, or Xbox – and follow the instructions there.

Completing the user account and payment settings

Once you have registered your account, you need to complete your profile information to confirm your identity and to be able to withdraw your prize money. In the upper right corner you should see the “Complete Profile” button, alternatively you can access your profile by navigating through the website itself. Complete all the empty fields in the “Your Profile section” and click validate address. Next, you need to upload an identification document so we can confirm your identity. You can choose either a passport scan or ID scan. Once selected, click “Browse” and upload your passport scan or ID front/back scan if this is the document you prefer. Next, click “Update profile”. The documents will be verified manually by one of our admins. If everything is in order you, will be allowed to withdraw payments from the games you win. The process should not take too long. In the meantime, have a look at your profile, upload an avatar, provide a short description of yourself, or select your favorite games. You should also synchronize your withdrawal accounts. To do this, click on the wallet icon or navigate to the “Your balance” section. Next, click the “Sync withdrawal accounts” button, then “Add payment methods”. Select the preferred method and click “Sync account”, follow any additional instructions if they appear. When you successfully do this, you will be able to top up your account to set up events, but you will be unable to withdraw money until our admin verifies your account. When the admin confirms your identity you will see a notification in your profile section and you will be all set!

Creating teams

If you are a gamer, you know that many competitive games require you to have a team. MXP makes it easy for players to form teams consisting of friends or the people they’ve just met. To create a team, go to your profile subpage and click “Create new team”. First, create a name for your team, you might want to consult your potential teammates beforehand. Next, choose your default payment method – each member can pay the entry fee for games individually, or you can assign the Captain to pay for everyone. The second option will probably speed things up, but the Captain should have more funds on his/her account to be able to afford the entry fees for all players. Next, you can choose an image for your team, which will be displayed in various places, similarly to your avatar. Finally, select the people you want to be a part of your team, there are three roles:

  • Team Members – no additional team permissions.

  • Captain – may invite new players to the team, send and accept challenges and report match scores. The Captain can also pay theentry fee for the entire team if this option was selected as default.

  • Team Leader – retains full permissions including inviting and removing players, team disband, sending and accepting challenges, and reporting match scores.

Once all of this is done click save and go back to your profile page where your new team icon and name should be visible. Click “Show”, then “Edit roster” and change the status of all of your teammates from “Pending” to “Accepted”, then click save. Congratulations, your first team is ready to fight!

Joining and setting up events

When there are funds on your accounts, you can join your first event! You can also create an event even if you don’t have any funds on your account, but you will not be able to join it because you will not be able to pay the entry fee (the creator specifies the exact entry fee, but it has to be at least EUR 1.00). Quick Matches start as soon as the lobby is full, they do not have a set date for the event. Challenges start at a specific date and the event is cancelled if the lobby is not full at that time (the entry fee is returned to the players). You can browse the list of available Quick Matches or Challenges by clicking the correct tab in the upper part of the website. Review the available matches, entry fee and prize pool, see if you need a team or whether it is a 1v1 event. Check if it is set up for your region. Click “View challenge” to see more details if you find a particularly interesting event. If all looks good, click Play Now to sign up for the event, you then confirm by syncing with your in-game profile so be sure to provide your real in-game nickname. Next, click “Start match”. If you need a team, you can create one when joining or by accessing the relevant link on your user profile subpage. Alternatively, in Challenges, you can also sign up as a free agent or indicate that you need a teammate. You can do this by clicking the relevant buttons next to “Play Now”.

To set up a new event tailored to your needs, click the “Create Event” button in the upper part of the platform. Create the name for your event, set up the type and game. Complete all the fields and click next. The next options allow you to set up the “Best-of” series, which indicate how many matches will be played and the number of teams participating. Click next after you have made your choice. Select your region. This will allow only players from your area to join the event, making sure you play on the same servers with similar latency. You can further narrow down the list of players by selecting a country. The next step is to select the currency and the entry fee per each player. The fields “Prize pool” and “First prize total” will be completed automatically. Click next. In the final section, you may invite specific teams or players to join, but this is not necessary. You can also specify the skill level of players, which will limit the availability of the event only to players with a specific level, helping prevent unfair situations where beginners face veterans. Right now, “Open” means all skill levels are allowed. Click “Publish” to create the event or “Draft” to have one final look before it goes live.

Winning/losing games

Regardless of whether you’ve won or lost a game, you have to provide the information on the result. Therefore, never forget to take a screenshot of your game results because you will be asked to submit a proof of the outcome if there is a conflict. Click the “Send result proof” button which replaced the “Start match” after the match was over. Select the player that won. If your selection matches the one of your opponent, the result is settled automatically and the money is transferred to the winner’s Maxi Player wallet. If there is a conflict, you will get a notification and be asked to submit proof of your result by clicking the same button – the screenshot of results you made after the match should be enough. Both screenshots will be reviewed manually by our admin who will determine the final result. If the screenshots do not solve the conflict, you will be asked to submit another proof of your choice.

Withdrawing money

Withdrawing your prize money is easy, just make sure your profile is fully completed and the documents confirming your ID have been verified. If not, you will not be able to withdraw any funds – the option will be grayed out until verification is complete. To withdraw your money, navigate to the balance section, e.g. by clicking the wallet icon or via your profile subpage. Next, simply click “Withdraw funds”, select the account for your transfer and the amount you want to withdraw, then click transfer. That’s it, enjoy your earnings!

Other functionalities

Don’t forget you have an in-built chat to talk with other players and a dedicated chat for contacting our support in case of any questions. Explore the platform, we are constantly adding new functionalities and improving existing ones. Some of the upcoming features include the support for tournaments, a leaderboard, an affiliate program and prime membership with lots of cool features for subscribers. Join our rapidly growing esports community, invite your friends, meet new people with a shared passion for gaming, play your favorite games, whether that's League of Legends or any other we support, win, earn money and – most of all – enjoy your time here. Gl hf, and let’s go!

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