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NBA 2K21 - How to make money with online basketball

The attraction of competing against each other in sports simulations is unbroken. While football and the FIFA series from EA Sports are the focus in most European countries, the basketball simulation NBA 2K21 is generating more and more enthusiasm in North America. This is not least due to the close cooperation between developer Konami and the professional basketball league NBA. The hype surrounding virtual basketball is therefore increasingly spreading in Germany and other parts of Europe as well.

In this article we will show you what the development of the basketball simulation looks like and how you can earn money with NBA 2K21 yourself through streaming and multiplayer matches.

New multiplayer mode "The City" provides more variety

Developer Konami has brought a new mode to their basketball game called "The City". In this huge city you join one of the four factions called North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East or the Western Wildcats. Each of these groups fights for supremacy and your performance in NBA 2K21 is crucial to how successful your faction can hold its own against the competition.

Apart from "The City", which is supposed to provide variety and long-term motivation with its many possibilities and always new tasks, the multiplayer mode is of course primarily about the competition between players, for example in online tournaments.

What tournaments are there in NBA 2K21?

In collaboration with the North American professional league NBA, 2K Games has launched the NBA 2k League. Here the best NBA 2K21 players represent the gaming departments of NBA franchises such as the Los Angeles Lakers or the Dallas Mavericks. For example, the MyTEAM Unlimited tournament featured a prize money of $250.000, which means a little more than 200.000€.

As it is known from the real NBA, there is also an annual "draft pick" in the esports counterpart. In this selection process, the most talented young players are selected one after the other by the teams and thus get the chance to prove themselves in the professional league.

If you don't want to make the move to North America right away to play for a legendary basketball franchise, then the NBA 2k21 tournaments on MaxiPlayers are definitely an excellent alternative for you. They offer a quick and uncomplicated entry into the esports scene of basketball simulations and with the right dedication, you can earn real money with your skills right from the first participation and just in one evening.

Getting Successful with NBA 2K21 on Twitch and YouTube

Gaming is expensive - we all find out about that pretty quickly. For many gamers it is therefore an understandable dream to make their passion for gaming and the large amount of time that is spent on it profitable. A lucrative opportunity is a career as a streamer on Twitch or YouTube to earn money through advertising income and donations.

Advertising before the videos, advertising partnerships in the streams, and subscriptions from loyal viewers - Twitch and YouTube offer you a variety of ways to generate additional income. Of course, this is not done straight away, because building such channels takes a lot of time and energy before they become successful. That's why you should see streaming as a hobby at the beginning and not put yourself under too much pressure. You also have to note that your equipment should be suitable for streaming. You need a good microphone as well as sufficient illumination and a high-quality camera. As you can see, streaming is an interesting way of making money from gaming, but it is also very time-consuming.

NBA 2K21 could be a really interesting game to start your streaming career though. The choice of streams on Twitch is still very manageable and so you theoretically have a good chance of building a loyal audience with regular and entertaining streams. 

Conclusion: Earning money with NBA 2K21 is possible!

Earning money with NBA 2K21 - a dream for many. With enough determination, fighting spirit and a little luck you can make this dream come true. We showed you a few ways in this article, but there are definitely more. It is not easy to say which way is the best. Participation in tournaments allows you to prove your skills as a player. As a streamer, you also have to be entertaining and be able to market yourself well. Above all, it is important that you do not lose the fun of the game.

Plus, you don't have to choose just one path. For example, you can earn real money with your skills in NBA 2K21 on MaxiPlayers in the exciting quick matches, challenges or tournaments and broadcast the whole thing on Twitch or YouTube at the same time. Your viewers will certainly find the games with the special incentive for the winner exciting and maybe one or the other loyal viewer of your livestream will even challenge you on MaxiPlayers.


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