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Rocket League Sideswipe - a new RL game coming to mobile

On March 24, in a news post on the official Rocket League website, the developers at Psyonix Team, announced they have been working on a free new Rocket League game, one that is adapted for Android and iOS devices.

Constantly expanding

Rocket league has been around for quite some time, as it was released way back in 2015 on Windows and PlayStation 4, with an Xbox One version a year later and a Switch port in 2017. At the dawn of the new generation of consoles, it was possible to play the game immediately on release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. All of this combined with cross-platform play made Rocket League one of the most accessible games of all time, and contributed to its unwavering popularity and strong presence in esports. One could say it was only a matter of time for the game to have its mobile version. Seeing the spectacular success of PUBG Mobile, which generated around $7.4 million per day (!) in 2020, there is little doubt that the mobile market has a lot of room for intense, competitive online gaming.

A new release – Rocket League Sideswipe

This time, the mobile version is not going to be a port, but a separate game. Judging by the alpha gameplay that was presented in the same post, it will be using the same engine, art style and many of the assets of the original. The title will be built exclusively for mobile devices and will allow players to experience the intense competition from a different perspective in 1v1 or 2v2 online matches that will be fast-paced and lasting 2 minutes. The limited time will allow players to enjoy the game at any moment, regardless of whether they prefer long sessions or if they have time for just a match or two. The controls will be adapted to better fit mobile devices and suit both veterans as well as newcomers. The game will feature an online ranking system and a number of advanced mechanics to enrich the experience. In the garage section, players will have the opportunity to customize their vehicle in a similar fashion to the original RL. Players from Australia and New Zealand were able to test the regional version of the game the moment it was announced by registering for the alpha and downloading the apk from Google Play store. Other regions will get the chance to test the game in the future as well. Looking at the trailer, Rocket League Sideswipe is still in 3D, but the vehicles can only move sideways and up. The rocket-powered cars are able to make impressive jumps and move on the “ceiling” of the arena. The playing field seems to be much smaller than in the console and desktop versions of the game. The goals presented in the trailer are of two types – resembling the ones in basketball or football – and are placed slightly above ground. We also get a glimpse of the rich customization options for vehicles.

Release date

The trailer ends with a vague 2021 release window, which will be preceded by a period of beta testing. With such a big and dedicated community as well as a rich esports history, Rocket League Sideswipe may challenge the popularity of PUBG Mobile and other highly successful Android and iOS games.


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