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esports has come a long way from the small quick match LAN parties booming in late 1990s to the events in grand arenas streamed to millions of users worldwide in 2020. Initially, it used to be a discipline few could actively engage in, but with the recent technological development and the increasing popularity of competitive multiplayer games, it has become more accessible than ever. Now, with Maxi Players, you can participate in this worldwide phenomenon and earn real money while competing with others in your favorite games – and there are 18 titles to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the most successful games of all time and the astounding esports earnings.

MOBA – millions of people... and dollars

There are many who would say that esports today equals League of Legends and one cannot deny that with 115 million users the game has dominated the scene for years. With huge popularity come huge esports earnings, with the World Championship prize pool increasing from over $2,000,000 in 2014 to a whopping $6,450,000 prize pool in 2018, one of the highest prize pools in esports. In the latter case, the prize for the top prize money winner – Faker – received over $1,200,000. With such astounding esports earnings, the achievements of DotA2 (whose prequel was the founding father for the MOBA genre as we know it) may seem small, but the game still attracts over 11 million users, which is significantly more than the entire population of New York City (estimated at about 8.3 million in 2019). DotA2 champions are considered some of the top prize money winners of all time, with “N0tail”, “JerAx” and “ana” earning over 6 million $ each throughout their careers. Being so popular, matches are played and watched every day and thousands of dedicated fans follow their favorite players. Worlds 2020, the last year’s biggest event for LoL, peaked at 3.8 million viewers. The top esports earnings 2020 for League of Legends Championship Series players was estimated at an average of $410.000, which was almost 400% more than in 2017. Not all of the statistics for 2020 are available yet, but in 2019, DotA2 prize pool at the International 2019 set the highest paying esports record with its prize pool of $34,330,000 – entirely eclipsing the $2,225,000 of LoL. Maxi Players will provide you with a lot of opportunities to engage in LoL and DotA2 battles and emerge victorious... with a thick wallet.

Tactical shooter – an old favorite, a new hit

If the first DotA gave birth to the MOBA genre, then Counter Strike is definitely one of the founding fathers of esports, one that is still very active today with Steam charts for CS:GO peaking at over 1,100,000 concurrently active users in December 2020. CS:GO has a large and dedicated playerbase and esports earnings have also been very impressive. According to some, the average competitive CS:GO player earns no less than $1,000 per month, so at least $12,000 per year, but the financial gains of top prize money winners can reach even $6,000 per month. The prize pools at events sometimes peak at $1,500,000. CS:GO, the esports veteran, is now challenged by Valorant – another highly successful tactical shooter that has taken the scene by a storm. Despite its young age, the global prize money has already reached over $2,200,000 with the top players earning between $25,000 and $29,000 in 2020 (about $2,000-2,400 per month). Valorant remains one of the most watched games on most streaming platforms and everything points toward a bright future for this title. Regardless of whether you prefer the all-time classic CS:GO or the young wolf in Valorant, you will find great excitement, worthy-challenges and real money at Maxi Players. Join the community and gather your team.

Other shooters – fun for everyone

If the games above are not your cup of tea – don’t worry. Maxi Players has you covered with even more run and gun action in titles such as Overwatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Battlefield V and Rainbow Six: Siege. Why not join a quick match today? If you need some encouragement, here are the numbers – top Overwatch esports earnings for professional OWL players included a minimum salary of about $50,000 a year (about $4,100 per month) in 2019, and that does not even include the prize pool money for events. Finding the right team should not be a problem, the recent statistics provided on the number of players may be dated, but with Overwatch 2 on the horizon and the merging of the two games, it seems that OW has a bright future ahead. Call of Duty is among the most well-established and profitable franchises of all time – the latter is true for both the developers and players alike. The average earnings of the best CoD players mirror those of Overwatch pros, and with so many games released in different settings, the community is ever-expanding and active. If you are part of “team Battlefield”, a direct competitor to CoD, why not sign up for our Battlefield V challenge, live now on Maxi Players. Rainbow Six: Siege has been one of the biggest surprises of recent years, as the game steadily improved after release, its community has began to grow and so has the prize pool. In 2020 alone, the prize pool at Six Invitational 2020 reached $3,000,000 and the esports earnings of the best players that year were up to about $18,000 a month.

Battle Royale – hail to the new king

Fortnite is the most successful multiplayer title of all time, having gathered about 350 million players as of May 2020 – that’s only in 3 years! In comparison, the total playerbase of World of Warcraft, which was released in 2004 is estimated at slightly above 112,000,000. Fortnite is where the money is, huge companies advertise their products and franchises within the game, celebrities release their new songs during in-game concerts, some streamers have built their careers around the game and became multi-millionaires. The total money awarded in Fortnite has nearly reached $100,000,000 and – depending on the achievements – the top player yearly earnings can also be counted in the millions. Fortnite is no longer just a game, it has become a worldwide phenomenon that has greatly influenced culture, technology... and people’s wallets. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is another incredibly successful title in the Battle Royale genre. Did you know that PUBG Mobile generated almost $2.6 billion in revenue in 2020 alone? The desktop version also continues to be successful, with Steam showing a peak player count of 444,000 in December 2020. The global prize pool for PUBG is nearly $25,000,000 right now and the earnings of best players are anywhere between about $20,000 and $500,000 per year. If Battle Royale is your thing – Maxi Players is your place.

Prepare the table for card games!

There is no doubt that Hearthstone has won the hearts of many and continues to impress with new cards and ideas. The game reached its 100 million player milestone back in 2018 and the community continues to thrive. The total prize pool for the game has been estimated at about 24,000,000 throughout its 6 year lifespan and the highest player earnings reached around $3,200 per month in 2020. Legends of Runeterra, set in the same universe as League of Legends, has quickly risen to become a strong competitor for Blizzard’s card game. The game has been released in 2020, but has already a prize pool of over $110,000 to boast, and the top players earned about $20,000 that year. The community is steadily growing and the game is on course to become one of the biggest hits in upcoming years. The table will be waiting for you at Maxi Players.

Sports games – the ball is in your court

Sports Games made EA rich, there is no doubt about that. Fortunately, games such as FIFA, Madden and NBA stuffed the wallets of a number of players too. The global prize pool for FIFA 20 is estimated at about $1,813,000 and last year’s top players were able to earn as much as about $6,500 a month. FIFA 20 reached a playerbase of 10 million across all platforms and EA rewarded its fans for that with in-game content and coins. At Maxi Players, you will be able to find challenges for all of the most popular sports games – FIFA 20/21, NBA 2k20/2k21, Madden 20/21, but also Rocket League. This last title has gathered an impressive overall prize money pool throughout the years, currently at around $11,000,000 and last year’s top player esports earnings exceeded $70,000 (about $5,800 a month).

Real Time Strategy games – for the dormant generals

The birth of esports can be tracked all the way back to South Korea and the first Starcraft so it’s only fitting for Starcraft II to have a place among the games supported by Maxi Players. This legendary title has given us some of the most spectacular and memorable events in esports history, drawing huge crowds and creating events on nearly all continents. The global prize pool for the game has reached $34,300,000, and the World Championship Series is one of the most watched esports events ever. For years South Koreans have dominated the scene until the rise of the Finnish legend – Serral. Average top player earnings in 2020 have been estimated at about $50,000-$200,000. SC2 has forged many careers in the esports community, not just for players, but also casters, hosts and YouTube personalities. The game has a very dedicated fanbase and tournaments for SC1 and SC2 have been organized for over 20 years. Join Maxi Players, lead your troops in the battle for supremacy in StarCraft II... and profit while doing it.

Maxi Players has something for everyone

The esports market revenue worldwide in 2020 has gone close to 1 billion dollars. Let this fact sink in. Whether you are a sports game enthusiast, have a keen eye and finger on the trigger, got your card decks sorted and ready, or have a deeply tactical mind – there is a place for you here at Maxi Players. Join our growing community, build your team, overcome challenges, play quick matches, have fun and earn money along the way!


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