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New map – Is it any good?

The Marvel themed update has been revealed for Fortnite, and new map features are steadily pouring in. Let’s have a look at what the developers at Epic Games have prepared for us so far – the new POIs and some Easter eggs.


Quinjets and Supply Drones

These high-tech S.H.I.E.L.D aircrafts launch from the Helicarrier, pass you by when you are on the battle bus, and land at patrol stations throughout the island. It is easy to track them down as blue smoke marks their locations and you can see where they are going when on the bus. The sites feature valuable loot, but are guarded by Stark Robots that will want to prevent you from looting the vehicles. You may spot Supply Drones flying around the map, more commonly around the Quinjets, dropping valuable loot when destroyed. Quinjet locations are also visible when opening the map – their landing sites are marked with a plane icon. The vehicles attract other players so be wary on approach, even more so because Stark Robots are patrolling the area.

Sentinel Graveyard

This big POI is located just a bit south from the centre of the map. In Marvel’s universe, the Sentinels are giant mutant-hunting robots. The ones “resting” here seem to have failed in their attempts to defeat superheroes. You get a boost when jumping into the Sentinel hands, granting you the opportunity to use the glider and receive anti-gravity. There isn’t a lot of loot at this location.

Doom’s Domain

This is a big, named location in Pleasant Park in the north-west part of the map, which Doctor Doom changed into his liking by constructing a mansion. The narcissist put a big statue of himself over there. Doom is a new NPC boss, and if you want to fight him, you should take some friends along. He has a lot of HP, attacks with energy blasts that have the ability to set the ground ablaze. If you manage to take him out, you will get his weapon as well as a key to his vault, located under the soccer field. It is guarded by his minions, but if you were able to kill Doom, they shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If things with Doom escalate, you can run to the telephone booth nearby and disguise yourself as one of his subordinates. Watch out for other players as you try to face the boss, you don’t want that precious kill stolen.

Jennifer Walters

South-east, in Retail Row, one house was transformed into Jennifer Walters Law Office, which is a direct reference to the She-Hulk. The location is connected to a set of character-associated challenges. Beyond completing the challenges and exploring this Easter egg area, there isn’t much here to do or find.


The beacons are lit – Galactus is coming

All of the 15 beacons that were placed on the map are active, and it seems whatever happens will cover the entire top-right area. There are clues around suggesting that the beacons were created by Tony Stark. There is a bright star in the sky that becomes larger with each passing day, and it is most probably Galactus himself.

Ant-Man reference

To the right of Holly Hedges, we have Ant-Man’s “manor”, with numerous little Easter eggs. Everything is massive in comparison to player characters. There is a cave with ant eggs, there are Pym Particles – the red vials that Ant-Man uses to shrink. There is also the house with the Pym Technologies label, as well as Anton’s bowl, which is probably a reference to Ant-thony, the faithful steed of the superhero. The sugar cubes lying around are another reference to the movie, in which ants moved these items around.


The colossal iconic aircraft carrier is visible above the surrounding waters. You can use a boat to get close, then build your way up to reach it. Alternatively you can use a chopper and then glide your way towards the vehicle.

Other Easter Eggs

There is a Trask Industries truck on the map, which is similar in color to the fallen Sentinels. The company is responsible for the construction of these robots, and we will see if anything pops out of the locked vehicle in the future. Rifts are appearing throughout the map allowing you to quickly move between locations. A prowling statue of a black panther perched on a disk-like pedestal has appeared recently. The beast is holding a chest in its mouth and is a reference to the Black Panther superhero.


The map updates are trickling in, some resulting in new gameplay opportunities for Fortnite, while others add to the game’s flavor. With the situation changing day by day, many of us here can’t wait to witness the big reveal, with the star growing bigger and bigger – foreshadowing the arrival of the planet-eating monstrosity.

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