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Play Fortnite for money - start your esports career

You are convinced of your skills and want to play Fortnite for money? Maxi Players offers you the opportunity to earn money with Fortnite and build your esports career. But that's not all: in this article, we also provide you with the best tips that you can use to earn your first prize money.

Earn money with Fortnite - not just for professionals

If you think that only the best eSports players in the world can really earn money with Fortnite, you are very much mistaken. There are now tournaments and individual events for every prize money range and every skill level. Our pro tip: Start with smaller Fortnite events or tournaments to get a first insight into the esports world. This way you can develop a feeling for your skills and earn a few extra euros on the side. Through many small competitions, your skills will quickly improve. Over time, you will be able to play Fortnite for more money and win - the ideal way to make a name for yourself in the esports world.

Prize money at Fortnite events

In the esports business, Fortnite has some of the biggest prize money around. At the most important tournaments, the best eSports players sometimes play for millions. But even beginners with the necessary skills can win attractive prize money with Fortnite. Here at Maxi Players, you can prove your skills for as little as one euro and slowly but surely enter the world of Fortnite eSports. Another advantage: If you lose, the loss is minimal and you can recover it directly with a few successful rounds.

How you can play Fortnite for real money

Maxi Players offers you an easy way to get started in the eSports business and play for real money. Even if you are not yet of age - with the consent of a parent or a legal guardian, you can earn money with Fortnite from the age of 14. Just follow the five steps below and you'll be one step closer to your first prize money:

1. sign up

2. complete your profile information

3. pick and join a tournament or event

4. win

For complete instructions, click here. (Link to https://www.maxiplayers.com/de/news/a-tutorial-on-how-to-get-started-with-maxi-players)

The 5 best tips for your Fortnite eSports career

The better you play, the more money you will make. With specific training and lots of practice, you can participate in bigger and bigger events and win better prize money. These are the skills you should work on in particular, as they often make the difference between being a good and a world-class Fortnite player:

1. survive

If you want to win the round, you have to survive it. By avoiding dangerous and reckless actions, you increase your chances of survival. At the same time, careless opponents are eliminated bit by bit, which means less competition for you.

2. fast building

With advanced building skills, it's even more worthwhile to play Fortnite for money. You should learn how to use the building function to give yourself an advantage in tricky situations. For example, if you are attacked by surprise, you can quickly build four walls around you with the necessary skills.

3. patience

Don't rush straight at every enemy you meet. Instead, try to wait for the right moment to be able to win the fight. Keep a close eye on your enemies and the environment and don't forget the most important rule for winning: Survive!

4. take advantage of the storm

In the best case you stay at the edge of the storm. This gives you two advantages: The safe zone is easily accessible and you can defeat enemies who flee from the storm.

5. training

Practice makes perfect. This is even more true when it comes to earning money with Fortnite. Your competition never sleeps. Practice your skills as often as possible, analyse your mistakes and find ways to improve your play.

Easier than ever before

Whether it's the start of your esports career or an extra incentive for gaming, MXP is the perfect opportunity to play Fortnite for money and put your skills to the test. Now it's up to you: Are you ready to go into battle?

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