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How to gain followers on Twitch

So you have a good gaming rig and spend a lot of time playing games. If that is true, there is really no reason not to try streaming. Who knows, you might be the next Ninja or PewDiePie just waiting to be discovered. Regardless of whether you are considering to become a full-time Twitch streamer, or you just casually play some games in the evening, below are a few useful tips on how to get followers on Twitch fast without investing any money.

1. You need a plan

"I love it when a plan comes together" is the famous catchphrase the leader of the A-Team used to say. If you are serious about streaming, you need a solid foundation. Establish a clear schedule for your stream. People used to include the days and hours of their streams on the main profile page, but Twitch has recently introduced the broadcasting schedule functionality. Consider the games or activities you want to stream. The more popular the game is, the higher the chance of growing your audience. Some people advise to look for games that have between 10 and 20 people streaming, as this will place the game higher in Twitch search results while making sure you won’t get lost in the ocean of channels. English is the dominating language of streams and many people look for ENG channels. You may want to include the word “English” or “ENG” in the name of your stream.

2. Be active on social media

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram – they are all great tools to promote your stream. Never underestimate the power of social media influence. Post every day, keep your audience informed about any plans, changes or news regarding your stream, share what you feel comfortable with, simply show that your channel is alive. Avoid automated messages, tweet realistically, show a bit of your life, share a photo of your gaming rig, collectible items, games, etc. Make it feel real.

3. Looking good

Having a visually appealing stream will help attract more viewers. Every stream should have a decent quality webcam with the video displayed in the corner of the screen. Your voice should be crystal clear, so having a good headset or microphone is also important. Twitch streams also include widgets that feature various information on what’s going on – the latest followers, highest donations, follower hall of fame, sponsor info, social media links and more. A chat box will allow you to interact with your viewers, and at some point you might introduce a chat bot that will post automated announcements from time to time, such as info on your social media channels, upcoming events or a simple thank you to your users for support. You don’t have to be proficient in graphics design to have a nice overlay as there are many websites with free Twitch alerts, panels, templates and other add-ons. Also, be creative with the names of your stream. You can refer to what’s currently popular, or use memes. Find ways to stand out. Some people join new streams simply out of curiosity.

4. Respect your schedule and your audience

Your streaming hours should be one of the highlights of the day. Do not skip sessions, and if you absolutely have to – apologize and make sure your audience knows about it beforehand. There are people that include watching a stream on the list of things they want to do in their free time. Imagine someone plans to watch your stream after a hard day of work because he or she finds you entertaining – you should really appreciate that.

5. Host other streams when you are inactive

This is an excellent way of exchanging audiences, and a nice gift to other streamers that does not cost you anything. Hosting others is a great way to keep your channel alive even when you go offline. Who knows, maybe at some point someone will return the favor, just don’t be mean and expect others to do it.

6. No pretending

Go easy on yourself and do not try to assume a different personality when streaming. Bear in mind that some people stream for many hours a day and turning this to an “acting job” can be very exhausting. Furthermore, having a bad day or dropping the mask for a while will make you lose your authenticity, which is something that may be impossible to recover. Stay true to yourself.

7. Get inspired by others

Twitch is constantly evolving and new streamers bring fresh ideas. Since everyone has to be open with what they do, browse the channels of other streamers and see what they came up with that attracts new followers. Think how you can apply the idea to fit your stream and style.

8. Interact with your audience

Some games are very intense and it might be difficult to speak to others mid-game. However, every title has a moment of pause, e.g. in the lobby before the match, during celebration animations in sports games or at the score screen when the game is over. Try not to waste any opportunity to look at what’s happening in the chat and respond accordingly. While gaming, comment on the events happening on the screen, make it fun and entertaining to watch. The most successful streamers interact with their audience.


These are just some of the things you can do to get Twitch followers. The methods listed above do not require you to spend any money, so all you really need is time, determination and careful planning to increase the popularity of that new Hearthstone stream of yours! Good luck!

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