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The best FIFA streamers out there – see how it’s done!

Another year, another huge success for FIFA as the numbers of football fans, players and streamers continue to grow. This comes as no surprise judging by the fact that learning how to be good at the game has probably become more easier than ever with the increasing popularity of streaming platforms and internet personalities, some of whom are professional players and are more than willing to share their games and experience in exchange for viewer attention. There are many go-to places to search for advice. However, we believe that nothing is as effective and entertaining as an audio-visual message, even more so when there is the possibility of some interaction and asking questions live. As such, here are a number of FIFA live streams that are worth taking a look at whether you are searching for ways to learn, football excitement or just want to kill time.

RunTheFutMarket – language: English / streaming on: Twitch / has YouTube channel: yes

Nick and his runthefutmarket channel have been recommended by a number of people on forums and reddit. A true football fan, he can get carried away by excitement so you might want to tone down the volume a little bit. That said, he is a very entertaining person to watch and a lot can be learned just from analyzing his games. He also interacts a lot with his audience when streaming. Nick is also active on YouTube and has at least a few videos dedicated solely to giving tips on various aspects of the game, especially its economy.

eLaLiga – language: Spanish / streaming on: Twitch / has YouTube channel: yes

The official FIFA stream for the Spanish FIFA21 competitions, supported by Electronic Arts. The channel features both short 30-second highlights as well as 5-hour long streams that are later saved and can be watched at any time. Obviously, if you know Spanish, you will benefit more from the channel, but even without the ability to understand the language you can pick up some nice moves by watching pros squaring off against each other. Football is Spain’s most popular sport and the number of people following FIFA21 is huge. The channel also has a very strong presence on YouTube.

HarryHesketh – language: English / streaming on: Twitch / has YouTube channel: yes

Declared by some as the most liked man in the entire FIFA community, Harry’s enthusiasm for the game is nothing if not contagious. The professional FNATIC player will provide you with both entertainment as well as the knowledge to get ever closer to that highly-desired pro level. In his own words though: “I am not a full tutorial channel, an educational channel, but when I make the tutorial the world stops and you listen”. Pretty straightforward isn’t he? Follow him both on Twitch and YouTube and help him reach the 1 million subscriber milestone on the latter.

Ahugegorilla – language: English / streaming on: Twitch / has YouTube channel: yes

Another FIFA pro – FIWC 2017 WORLD CHAMPION, 6x Gfinity Champion, ESWC Vice-Champion and EASPORTSFIFA Madrid Regional XBOX Champion – currently playing for NEO. He interacts with his audience a lot and seems to be more stoic than the previously mentioned streamer. His YT channel does not include a lot of tutorials, but you can learn a lot by watching him play and listening to his comments. Ahugegorilla has a substantial following on both platforms, a huge fanbase in general and is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

ShaunaGames – language: English / streaming on: Facebook Gaming / has YouTube channel: yes (though not very active)

The person closing our list is ShaunaGames. Having moved on from Twitch over to Facebook Gaming, Shauna has been trying to get more ladies involved in the FIFA streaming scene. She already has an impressive following on the platform and has been grinding matches for hours on an almost daily basis. She also has a YT channel where she covers all things FIFA, but streaming on Facebook Gaming remains her main form of internet activity. Shauna does not make tutorials, but if you are up for simply watching high-quality FIFA streams, with a bit of commentary and interaction, then why not join her channel from time to time.


Obviously, there are many other great FIFA live streams to follow, these are just some of our favorites. Watching games can be both entertaining and educational, so why not put the controller down from time to time and learn from people who kick the virtual ball professionally?

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