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Use Paysafecard for your deposits on Maxi Players

In addition to the already known deposit options such as bank transfer, credit card or PayPal, you can now conveniently top up your credit on Maxi Players using Paysafecard. This has several advantages and is super easy!

Buy Paysafecard: Online or in the supermarket around the corner

You can now get Paysafecard at numerous sales outlets throughout Europe. For example, the prepaid card is available at multiple supermarket chains. You can also usually find paysafecards at the Aral, Shell and Esso petrol stations.

You can find an overview of the sales outlets on the official Paysafecard website. You can also easily enter your city or zip code on this page and you will receive directions to the nearest point of sale within seconds. And if there is actually no point of sale near you, or you want to top up your Maxi Player credit with a Paysafecard outside of opening hours, then there are official online retailers who will send you the code by email.

Pay securely and have an overview of all expenses: The advantages of Paysafecard

If you cannot use any of the other payment methods such as PayPal or bank transfer and you don't have any credit cards, then Paysafecard is a great alternative in any case. But even if you theoretically have one of these payment methods available, the Paysafecard has some advantages up its sleeve.

Paysafecard always offers you the security that you do not have to enter any credit card or bank account details when making a deposit. After purchasing the Paysafecard, this is done very simply using the code on your card, which you enter in the Maxi Players deposit process. In addition, you always have full cost control. For example, if you have bought a Paysafecard worth 25€, you will not spend any more afterwards, because you spontaneously decide to make further deposits.

Use the advantages of the Paysafecard to earn money with your skills on Maxi Players

If you have topped up your credit on Maxi Players with a Paysafecard, you can immediately jump into exciting duels against other players for real money. For example, you can take on an existing challenge, create your own challenge, or jump into battle with a quick match to earn money with your skills in games such as FIFA 21, League of Legends, Call of Duty and many more. Good Luck & Have Fun!

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